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Photo by Michael Sharps

Columbia Kate's, a teahouse ~Providing the simple pleasures of tea and the elegance of sustenance~
ESTABLISHED February 2007

NOW OPEN Columbia Kate's Bakery and Columbia Kate's Boutique conveniently located right across the street from the Teahouse!

Photo by Michael Sharps

Photo by Michael Sharps

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Steam rises from a cup of tea and we are wrapped in history, inhaling ancient times and lands, comfort of ages in our hands. __Faith Greenbowl

Many folks have reported that walking into Kate's Teahouse is like taking a deep breath in an aromatherapy manufacturing center. There are so many aromas and essences swirling around, You will feel both relaxed and invigorated at the same time.

Tea and history go together like, well, tea leaves and hot water. The 1850's mining town, Columbia, is literally steeped with essences of treasure, adventure and stories.

Columbia Kate's spin on the age-old drink tells its own story while offering antiques, specialized gifts and even antique buttons which are notorious story tellers themselves.

Seated at tables named after real mining claims of Columbia's heyday, a guest may learn why women of early California had entrepreneurial opportunities like no other state at that time.

Over a cup of tea, stories fly thru the air like dimes from the old barn's reputed ghost of a murdered French woman. She is said to have worked in a bakery on the same site before there was a barn.

Why she likes dimes, no one knows.

Recalling roots earlier than even British tea, Kate's shares tea lore as liberally as the gold miners squandered their gold on water, wagering, whiskey and women.

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Teahouse, Bakery and Boutique Hours
Open every day!
(except Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day)
11:00am to 4:00pm - for Teahouse and Boutique

8:00am to 2:00pm Mon-Thurs and 8:00am to 4:00pm Fri-Sun - for Bakery

(209) 532-1885

We have French Macarons at the Teahouse and the Bakery.
We have Cinnamon Rolls at the Bakery.
We have Steampunk clothing at the Boutique.

Columbia Tea $16
2 cup pot of hot or iced tea, scone with jam & cream and lemon curd. Two cucumber Tea Sandwiches with fresh fruit and a small lemon bar or French macaron.

Dondero Tea $19
2 cup pot of hot or iced tea, scone with jam & cream and lemon curd. Quiche ~ Spinach-Ricotta or Ham-Swiss-Mushroom ~ Fresh Fruit or Baby Greens salad and a small lemon bar or French macaron.

Kate’s Tea $22
2 cup pot of hot or iced tea, scone with jam & cream and lemon curd. Plus Tea Sandwich Trio (cucumber, egg salad and chicken salad) and Raspberry Greens salad and a small lemon bar or French macaron.

Motherload Tea $32
2 cup pot of hot or iced tea, scone with jam & cream and lemon curd. Any ½ size Salad. Four Tea sandwiches (cucumber, chicken salad, strawberry/Nutella and a pickled Asparagus cream cheese). Finale - a Sweets Trio.

The FULL MENU (printable) is available HERE

The TEA MENU (printable) is HERE so you can start your list of Tea you'd like to try.

"Talk and Tea is our specialty. Come along inside, we'll see if tea and scones can make the world a better place." ___misquoted from The Wind in the Willows

Tea is wealth itself,
because there is nothing that cannot be lost,
no problem that will not disappear,
no burden that will not float away,
between the first sip and the last.___ The Minister of the Leaves

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Set in an 1880's period barn in historic Columbia, CA, our focus is in providing both an education in the Art of Afternoon Tea and enhancing a visitor's experience of Columbia while offering a pleasant atmosphere and a modicum of culture to a gold mining town.

Beautiful Columbia - Main Street looking north from the Wells Fargo Building. Columbia Kate's is just up the street and right on State Street, one block over to Columbia Street.

Be sure and visit the offical web site of Columbia Click here.

If you think tea and fine food goes well with an interest in buttons then you'll not only doubly enjoy your visit to the Tea House, you'll also enjoy a visit to my button collecting web site.

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Watch scones being made in our kitchen!

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22727 Columbia Street
Columbia, CA 95310
(209) 532-1885

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